News Item: Toyota reveals new versions of FT-1 concept at Pebble Beach [w/video]
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Thursday 14 August 2014 - 07:10:01

Via autoblog: Toyota certainly caught our attention when it unveiled the FT-1 concept at the Detroit Auto Show last January. Coming from the same people who gave us the Lexus LFA, Scion FR-S and Toyota Supra, the FT-1 concept looked striking in its bright red livery. But the Japanese automaker isn't quite done with it yet.

No, we're afraid we don't have a production announcement to share at the moment, but Toyota has revealed two new versions of the FT-1 concept that cast it in different light. Most notable is the graphite version pictured above. Replacing the bright red paintjob and two-tone red and black interior of the original concept, this second iteration – presented in the metal at McCall's Motorworks Revival in Monterey, California – goes for a more upscale and refined graphite exterior and a tan leather interior with exposed metal elements.

Both versions of the virtually road-going FT-1 concept will be playable in GT6, but at the same time Toyota also revealed (in digital form, at least) a virtual racing version of the concept called the FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo. Looking like the original concept was prepared for Japan's Super GT series, the FT-1 Vision GT is retuned for racing, with wider fenders, more extreme aero, competition-spec alloys on slicks and the like.

Check out the race-ready digital concept in the video below, our live shots from the graphite concept's reveal at Pebble Beach in the gallery above and the galleries of both new versions at bottom for a closer look.
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